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February Subscription Project Ideas

Check out these project ideas using the materials from February's subscription box!

By now, you should have played with your materials. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Did you know, you have an opportunity to win prizes just by creating with these materials? These contests are exclusive to you as a subscriber! Just ask Cora D. & Cathleen F., our latest winners! Be sure you are checking your subscriber portal to download your FREE files from Snark Heart and all of the details to enter the next contest!

Didn't make something with your free files? That's ok, in this blog, you will find some other projects made using these pieces. Sometimes, you may get a material and just have no clue what to make with it. Don't fret, more boxes will come and something out of this box may pair well with something in another box!

Decorative Interchangeable Insert for Address Plaque

Materials used:

Coffee Bar Sign

Materials used:

Decorative Dimensional Flowers

Materials used:

It's also ok to save colors if you think it would go well for something in the future. Here is a throwback to last year's Christmas decor using Blue Shimmer. This color goes great layered over a multitude of colors! Let your imagination run wild!

These are just a few examples of how to use the February box materials. Are you in the exclusive Facebook group just for Cerulean Subscription members? No? Click Here to join now! You will need the email address you signed up with!

What have you made using these materials? We would love to see your creations!

Are you not a Cerulean Subscription member? That is ok! Sign ups are open every ODD month! Click here to get in on the action, we'd love to have you!

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