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Gifts That Are Too Cool for School

At Cerulean Tides, we’re always thinking of ways to enrich the lives of our edumakers and to thank them for all they do. With Teacher Appreciation Week approaching, this is the time to show appreciation to teachers who play a significant role in shaping young minds. Why not gift them something unique and handmade? In this blog, we'll explore five creative projects using Cerulean Tides' materials to create personalized gifts that teachers will cherish.

1. Laser-Cut Acrylic Bookmarks

Craft a unique bookmark for your favorite teacher, adding a touch of personalization to their reading adventures! You can do something as simple as an outline of an animal or take it up a notch like Amy Coe from Snark Heart did using our two-tone acrylic.

2. Magnets for Whiteboards:

Scrap buster meets functionality for teachers! Magnets to hold up paper on their whiteboards is a perfect gift they never knew they needed!

3. Personalized Sticky Note Holder

Bring organization to your teacher's desk with a personalized desk organizer, with compartments for a pen and a sticky notepad. Don't forget to add in an engraved or UV printed pen! No more lost pens!

4. Door Hanger

Welcome teachers back to school with a customized laser-cut door hanger. Personalize it with encouraging messages or their name, adding a touch of creativity to their classroom or office entrance. To make it more cost effective, this can be made using one sheet of 1/8" clear acrylic, a few dabs of All-Craft Multi Glue and spray paint!

Each of these projects offers a creative and thoughtful gift idea for teachers, enhanced by our quality materials. Feel free to customize the designs and materials based on the teacher's preferences and the available products. Here’s to creating a stunning and meaningful gift that any teacher would appreciate - no apples about it.

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