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Cerulean Tides Big, Colorful Goodbye to 2023

As we say goodbye to another incredible year, it's time to reflect on the milestones, triumphs, and moments that made this year truly special. We are excited to share this with you because, let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you’re family! We love our community of makers SO much, and this blog is dedicated to all of you who have helped shape Cerulean Tides in 2023! 

Join us as we reveal the hottest, top selling acrylic sheets, celebrate the exciting new craft products, delve into the highlights of our stellar sales events, and welcome the talented individuals who've joined our growing family. This reflection isn't just about our journey; it's a tribute to the vibrant and creative community that has made each moment memorable. So, let's rewind the tape and celebrate the collective achievements from 2023... 

Top Selling Acrylic Sheets

Let’s start with everyone’s favorites of 2023 - our top selling acrylic sheets! Here’s a look at our most-loved products from each collection. From the vibrant acrylics to the dazzling glitters, these favorites have not only adorned countless creations but also shaped the unique tapestry of our creative community.

New 2023 Craft Products

Next, let's revisit some of the incredible additions we made to the Cerulean Tides product line up this year. Each item was handpicked and meticulously tested by our team, ensuring that only the highest quality, most vibrant, and exciting materials make it to your crafting haven. 

Glow in the Dark Sheets: Perfect for adding an extra pop to your projects when the lights go down, we added an illuminating new array of mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark acrylic sheets to our collection. This collection was inspired by our OG GITD and now retired (Glow-in-the-Dark) sheet, and together they are bigger, brighter, and more affordable than ever before!

New Shimmer and Glitter Sheets: We brought a whole new world of sparkle and shine with these new shimmer sheets. Available in both full size and mini cuts, your future projects will truly dazzle with these!

Leather: This year, we introduced genuine Veg-Tan Leather sheets for a touch of rustic elegance to your bespoke items and can be used for multiple applications.

Pre-Dyed Wood: Available in 20 stunning colors, including holiday-ready Cardinal and Sage, our pre-dyed plywood sheets are a must have for the crafter seeking a natural finish for their projects.

All-Craft Multi Glue: Our rookie of the year! The All-Craft Multi Glue is a game-changer—safe, versatile, and crystal clear. It has proven worthy under our testing by giving a durable, lasting hold on all of our projects.

Magnetic Sheets: Perfect for creating functional and decorative magnetic designs, our laserable magnetic sheets attracted all types of interesting projects!

Grab & Go Bundles: Carefully curated to save you time and money, these Grab & Go Bundles come in a variety of complete collections to make your life easier!

Subscription Boxes (Coming in 2024!): Get ready for a bi-monthly dose of crafting joy! Our new subscription boxes are set to debut in 2024, bringing exclusive goodies and creative inspiration to your doorstep.

2023: The Year of the Edumaker!

The Edu-maker movement, a celebration of educators infusing their curriculum with crafty ingenuity, took center stage at Cerulean Tides this year. The highlight? Our grand Big, Colorful Edu-maker Giveaway, an ode to the passionate educators who transform learning into an art form.

Our Big, Colorful Edu-maker Giveaway was inspired by our owner, Amanda, who values her background in education and all that she has learned along the way. Over the past four years, she has been blossoming from an educator to an entrepreneur, connecting with creative minds across the globe, and curating a product lineup of high-quality supplies that you can count on for your laser-crafting needs.

The giveaway, our heartfelt tribute to Edu-makers, was an extraordinary journey leading up to Teacher's Appreciation Week. Valued at nearly $5,000, the prizes aimed to support and honor educators dedicated to making learning a joyous adventure. Our winner, Julie from Texas, walked away with a treasure trove, including:

  • $500 Cerulean Tides Supplies Gift Certificate

  • PiBurn V4.0 Rotary from LensDigital

  • A seat in Laser Launch Academy's Tier 2 Student program

  • Exclusive 1:1 file-review session with the legendary Cathe Ray, aka "The Floss Queen." 

It was a testament to the magic that happens when creativity and education intertwine, and we are beyond grateful for the Edu-makers who continue to inspire and shape the future. An extra special thank you to all of those who came together with incredible donations to make it even more spectacular for our educator superheroes!

Sales, Discounts, and Deals – Oh My!

As we reflect on the whirlwind of creativity that was 2023, let's take a moment to relive the excitement of our sales throughout the year (and there were plenty!). From our Holidaze in July, where we sprinkled flash sales like confetti, to the Back to Basics Sale that celebrated the essentials in crafting, we've been on quite a colorful journey together. In October, we went all out with the Think Pink Sale, embracing every shade from blush to ballet slippers. Then came the Shine Bright & Hold Tight Sale for the festive season, featuring glitter acrylic and other products that keep your crafts merry and tight. And of course, who could forget the burst of color on Black Friday, bringing deals galore with 5 days of daily discounts. Each sale was a celebration of our vibrant community, and we can't wait to bring you even more dazzling moments in 2024!

Forming the Dream Team

Here at Cerulean Tides, we're not just a team; we're a dream team, each member bringing their own unique hue to form the beautiful color wheels that just keep turning. Ciera, our marketing maven and project extraordinaire, adds the sparkle to our content and brings every idea to life. She’s also our resident Project Queen on the Scene, sharing her tips and tricks for using our products. Dyana is the backbone of our operations, seamlessly juggling inventory management, purchase orders, and keeping our financial ship sailing smoothly. In 2023, we welcomed two incredible additions: Victor, our warehouse maestro, ensures everything is where it needs to be and our customers have everything they need and more, while Danny, our tech and laser whiz, adds a spark to both our operations and photography. And let's not forget our visionary leader, Amanda, who not only holds it all together but propels us to new heights with her passion for crafting and commitment to excellence. Together, we're not just a team; we're a creative force ready to take on any crafting adventure! 

​​As we reflect on the vibrant journey of 2023, we're filled with gratitude for the incredible community that stands beside us. From the launch of new products to the success of our sales and celebration of Edu-makers, each experience has been colored by the support and enthusiasm of this wonderful community. As we step into the new year, our commitment to providing high-quality materials, fostering creativity, and building connections within the crafting world remains solid. Thank you for being part of our Cerulean Tides family, and here's to more colorful adventures ahead!

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Ciera Anthony
Ciera Anthony
Dec 28, 2023

So excited and grateful to be part of an amazing and inspiring team 💜

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