Check out our acrylic laser supplies!

We offer a variety of frosted, pearl, mirror, transparent, translucent, and opaque acrylic options for you. They are all cut to ~12" x 19.2" which are perfect for a Glowforge, Aeon Mira 5, and other laser machines! *We do not currently offer custom sizes, but message us to inquire about remnants.*

Currently, ALL ORDERS SHIP IN $20 SHIPPING BOXES. Each boxes can hold up to 3" of material. For example, a box can fit up to 24 1/8" pieces, 16 3/16" pieces, 12 1/4" pieces, or any mix and combination up to the same 3" maximum.

Use the point system if it helps you determine what will fit in a box!

1 box holds 24 "points" where:

1/16 = 0.5 point

1/8" = 1 point

3/16" = 1.5 points

1/4" = 2 points

NOTE: If the box is maxed out with 3" of material there is little to no room available for additional shipping protection (bubble wrap). I recommend keeping all boxes to a maximum of 22 "points".

Don't have a laser of your own?! No problem! Check out our gallery and then send us a message about what we can create for you, a friend, a coworker, or a loved one.

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