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Fall-O-Ween Mini Bundle #1 (15 pc.)

Get into the festive spirit with our Fall-O-Ween Mini Bundles! This mini bundle features a range of acrylic colors perfect for creating seasonal designs. With acrylic and wood styles ranging from warm oranges and browns to deep purples and golden yellow hues, this bundle has everything you need to bring your fall and Halloween themed creations to life.


Whether you're working on home decor, jewelry, or other crafts, our Fall-O-Ween mini bundles are perfect for adding a touch of seasonal flair to your projects. Hurry and grab yours before this special offer ends!


This 15 pc bundle features ~12" x 6" mini-cuts and includes:


  1. 1/8" Copper Shimmer
  2. 1/8" Cider Predyed Plywood
  3. 1/8" Goldenrod Predyed Plywood
  4. 1/8" Olive Frosted
  5. 1/8" Kiwi Glitz
  6. 1/8" Orange Shimmer
  7. 1/8" Frosted Amber
  8. 1/8" Fire Coral
  9. 1/8" Frosted Sunflower
  10. 1/8" Golden Peach Pearl
  11. 1/8" Plum Predyed Plywood
  12. 1/8" Purple Mirror
  13. 1/8" Purple Transparent
  14. 1/16" Tobacco Leather/White Two-Tone
  15. 1/8" Bronze Mirror

Fall-O-Ween Mini Bundle #1 (15 pc.)

$138.85 Regular Price
$111.08Sale Price
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