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1/16" FL Two-Tone Pink/black



  • 1/16" thickness
  • Cut sizes: ~12" x 6", ~12" x 18"
  • Top layer is one color
  • The base/backing is a second contrast color


Glowforge *starter* settings (please know that your settings are likely to vary and WILL require testing). This product is different from every other collection I carry so please be prepared to test even more than normal with this material.


The CUT step will require masking. The edges get sticky.

Remove film masking from cut shape prior to engraving or scoring.

You can clean residue with mild soapy water.

You can use a dust-free microfiber cloth to rub away any residue.


Suggested starter settings:

CUT (with film masking) at 200 speed/100 power

*remove film after cutting*

ENGRAVE at 1000 speed/40 power/675 LPI

*the high LPI allows you to achieve the two-tone looks in the cleanest way possible with 1 pass. You can run a second pass (reduce power) to clean up any color residue in the engrave if desired. **A second pass is highly recommended for the fluorescent two-tone collection.

SCORE at 200 speed/15 power


*If you are very particular with your results & DONT like testing multiple times to get your desired results... this product may not be for you. Otherwise, just be patient and email us if you have any questions*


**I highly recommend blowing away any dust/residue from your first engrave pass and then running a second pass to clean up your white/black base layer for the fluorescent two-tones.



1/16" FL Two-Tone Pink/black

PriceFrom $8.99
  • Please inspect all digital and/or physical product(s) immediately. If there are any issues or you would like to request a refund, contact us within 3 business days from receiving the product(s). The refund request should include your original order number, a reason for the request, and any applicable photos. Not all items are eligible for return (i.e. shipping charges, "misfits", seconds, etc.). If a refund is applicable, it will be made back towards the same method of payment minus any shipping charges.

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