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Get the Graduation Party Started

Class is no longer in session and it’s time to party - graduation party, that is!

With graduation season quickly approaching, it's time to start planning the perfect party to celebrate those academic accomplishments. When it comes to party decorations, plenty of options are available, but have you considered using acrylic sheets? Acrylic sheets from Cerulean Tides offer a durable and versatile material that can be used to create unique and personalized decorations for your end-of-the-school-year party. Let’s explore some creative ideas for using acrylic sheets to create the look and vibe that will make your graduate's celebration unforgettable.

How about a fun money bank?! Use the students school colors or favorite colors and guests can add money at the grad party for their future endeavors! Or another twist to this concept is a Money Tree! Keep reading to see what was created for an upcoming graduate!

Money Tree

Making a money tree using acrylic sheets is an original and creative way to celebrate your graduate's achievements while also providing them with some financial support. Here's what we used to make this happen!


  • Acrylic sheets from Cerulean Tides (color and thickness of your choice)

  • 3M double-sided tape

  • Laser or acrylic cutting tool

  • Currency of your choice

  • Decorative ribbon, paint or other embellishments (optional)


  1. First, confirm colors! We recommend going with the student's school colors. For this project, "Ashlie's" colors are Red & White with splashes of silver and black!

  2. Next, create or find a file that suits the graduate(s). Make sure you are using the correct thickness of acrylic based on how you create the slots of the file! You don't want to use 1/4" thick material when the slot attachment is for 1/8". White acrylic was used for the stand/base and Ruby Slippers Chunky was used for the year.

  3. If you are doing multiple layers with multiple colors, this is the time you would need to add your 3M sheets prior to cutting.

  4. Another way to add a pop of color on a budget is paint filling. The text was scored and paint filled with a silver acrylic paint. Don't forget to leave the masking on when paint filling! Makes clean up a lot easier!

  5. Once all pieces are cut and painted, it is time to assemble!

  6. After assembly, time to add this unique piece to the gift table with a nice note of the graduate's accomplishments and future plans.

Tiered Tray Signs

Who doesn't love a tiered tray? These displays are an excellent way to decorate your house all year long! Let's check out how it was done for a graduate using acrylic sheets.


  • Acrylic sheets from Cerulean Tides (color and thickness of your choice)

  • Laser or acrylic cutting tool

  • Paint or vinyl lettering (optional)

  • 3M double sided tape

  • Crinkle cut paper (optional)


  1. After you've confirmed colors, time to create or find a file that suits the graduate. Signs like these are on the less complex side, I would encourage you to try your hand at creating your own files!

  2. Once you have your color palette set, files designed, apply your 3M sheets to the specific color to be attached to the backer piece. Another option, you can engrave/score directly onto the "backer" piece if you don't want a layered look.

  3. Once all pieces are cut and/or painted, it is time to assemble!

  4. Get some crinkle paper to fill in the shelves!

What are some decorations or gifts you have made for a graduation? We'd love to see, be sure to share on our socials! @ceruleantides

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