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5 Laser Crafted Designs You Can Make for Your Next Big Event

Updated: Apr 18

If you're a maker, chances are you've used acrylic sheets before or at least more curious about using them in your designs. They're versatile, easy to work with, and come in a variety of colors and thicknesses. But did you know that acrylic sheets can also be used to make high end signs and designs for big events? If you’re searching for DIY wedding decor and homemade event adornments, you’ve come to the right blog! From event signs to party favors, here are 5 types of designs you can make with acrylic sheets for your next big event.

Event Signs: Making an event sign using acrylic sheets is a straightforward and cost-effective way to create stunning decorations for any occasion. Acrylic sheets are also durable and weather-resistant for those outdoor events! Plus, they're easy to transport and set up. Our collection of reflective mirror sheets is a dazzling option to add an extra special touch to this project. All you need is a little bit of creativity, materials, and a laser and you'll be able to create professional-looking signs for any event.

To begin, you will need to determine the size and shape of your project. Once you have your project cut out, it’s time to assemble it. Depending on what type of event sign you are creating, there are several ways to put it together. For smaller elements of your project, you may be able to use 3M adhesive to bond the pieces together. For larger pieces or those that will need to stand up on their own, consider using an easel or stand-offs. Finally, it’s time to add any finishing touches. Consider adding vinyl, faux greenery, embellishments using those scraps you’ve been stockpiling, or lights to further customize your event decor.

We are loving the look a local maker created using gold mirror & ivory acrylic along with vinyl for a wedding seating chart!

Cake Toppers: Make your centerpiece even more special by creating a custom cake topper out of an acrylic sheet! The first step in making a cake topper from acrylic is to measure and cut the sheet into the desired shape. Knowing the diameter and depth of the cake will help in determining the size of your topper design. We recommend our glitter sheets for a sparkly touch that stands out. Once your cake topper is cut and ready, insert into cake and VIOLA!

Table Decorations: Add a personal touch to your event tables by creating custom table decorations like place cards and table numbers. Check out these fun table numbers a local maker created for a wedding using clear acrylic and LED bases to light up the sign! Decorations as simple as engraving acrylic can upgrade the look you are trying to achieve. Want the guests to feel the personal touch, cut out their names for their seats! So simple yet so elegant.

Party Favors: Acrylic sheets can be used to make a variety of meaningful and lasting event or wedding party favors. For example, you could use the acrylic sheet to create custom coasters with etched designs like initials, monograms, quotes, or artwork. Other ideas for favors you can make using acrylic sheets include monogrammed keychains, custom magnets, and candle holders.

Drink Tags: Another fun way to level up your party are drink tags! Make a bunch, hand them off to the bartender and your guests will be in awe how boogie their drinks are!

Acrylic sheets are an essential crafting material for any big event. From event signs to party favors, there's no limit to what you can create with this versatile material. So, get creative and start crafting! Your guests will be impressed with your handiwork, and you’ll have a gorgeous event that will stay beautiful in your memory forever.


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