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Easy Easter crafts that you can DIY at home!

Easter is a magical time of year and something that can make it even more wonderful are DIY Easter crafts! If you’re looking for that extra special medium to mold your vision, then acrylic sheets are the perfect material to get creative with. You can easily cut and manipulate the sheets into all kinds of festive shapes, from bunnies and chicks to eggs and even full-blown scenes. Here are some creative DIY ideas that will help you make the most of this spring season:

1. Stir Sticks – Start by building your design in your preferred design software. Pick your color(s). Another great project for scraps!! Our collection of Bold Pastel sheets is a perfect choice to create dozens of colorful sticks that scream “spring!”

Once you’re happy with your design, cut out each shape with your laser. Let them cool down, wash them and set them out for display and let your guests swoon over a fun décor for their beverage!

2. Easter Egg Ornaments/Garland – If you're like me (or you have customers like me), you have a "Christmas" tree up all year long that gets switched out for every holiday/season! These can be made and finished in multiple ways! One way, would be to use our Two-Tone Acrylic sheets. These are engraved & cut using a laser cutter. Depending on which laser you have will depend on the length of time it takes to engrave. Get your file ready - don't forget your strokes will need to be different colors for each step (an engrave step & a cut step).

Two-Tone acrylic is recommended to do a couple of tests first to make sure you achieve the look you are going for. Did you know under each product description, we have recommended Glowforge settings? Makes for a great starting point!

After you have dialed in the settings that make your heart happy, time to engrave first. Once the engrave is complete, cut away!

Another option, IF you have a vinyl cutter, you can laser cut the egg shape and use vinyl for the other color. Whichever method you prefer, this unique and easy Easter craft will surely have people asking you to make more!

3. Bubble Wands – Need an idea for a quick and simple Easter basket stuffer? Well look no further! Kids will LOVE these because you can personalize these just for them! Start off by picking their favorite color and favorite animal or vehicle! Then add and their name and watch their eyes sparkle in amazement because something was made special for them!

These DIY Easter crafts are perfect for any Easter celebration and will put a smile on everyone’s face. So, if you’re looking for something fun and creative to do this Easter season, why not try making one (or all!) of these DIY Easter crafts using acrylic sheets? Gather up those supplies and let's get crafting!

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