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PRODUCTS: (sizing, thickness, and color) All acrylic material dimensions are provided in the product description and are approximate.  Due to saw blade and/or laser kerf when cutting the material down to size, dimensions are approximate and not guaranteed. For example, most products are listed as they are cut (~12" x 19.2") but may be closer to ~11.75" x 19".

All cast acrylic is likely to have variances in shade (although they are the same color code) as well as thickness due to the casting process. The typical thickness tolerance in cast acrylic can be as great as +/- 30%, whereas the extruded acrylic (currently all mirror options and transparent pink) is much more consistent in terms of thickness with only +/- 10%.

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This Month's Top AcrylicPicks...

Digital Gift Certificate

Digital Gift Certificate

Glow in the Dark Acrylic

Glow in the Dark Acrylic

Galactic Grape Acrylic

Galactic Grape Acrylic

Frosted Sunflower Acrylic

Frosted Sunflower Acrylic

Transparent Orange Acrylic (15-T)

Transparent Orange Acrylic (15-T)

Red Mirror Acrylic

Red Mirror Acrylic

1/8" Glossy Variety Pack (23 pieces)

1/8" Glossy Variety Pack (23 pieces)


Mirror Acrylic Info


All of the settings I use with my Glowforge Pro are listed with the product descriptions.


1. For the cleanest results, remove the poly film masking and paper mask both sides. 

2. Create your design then “mirror” your artwork.

3. Load material in mirror side down on laser bed & the backside facing up towards the laser head.

4. Select appropriate settings for your laser (I have a GF Pro and use medium red or blue for all of my mirror).

5. Hit that magic button and let ‘er rip!! *PS all mirror is extruded and therefore will have a much stronger smell than the clear/colored cast acrylic

Note #1: For adhesives, you can use e6000, Loctite Go2, 3M double-sided adhesive sheets, Super 77 spray, etc. **Never use WeldOn on mirror acrylic because it will melt it.

Note #2: After paper masking the backing, DO NOT try to peel up the paper masking from the edges to "check it" because those are raw blade-cut edges and it will peel away the gray backing. The gray backing is what allows the acrylic to be mirrored so you don’t want that coming off. After the cut is complete, THEN you can carefully remove the paper masking from the backside. VIOLA!

Note #3: Iridescent acrylic (now discontinued) has a thin plastic protector and this is NOT masking. Be sure to remove this protector from both sides and paper mask both sides. Treat the one side that has the iridescent film on it as the backing when following steps #2 and #3

Note #4: Be sure to test all of your material FIRST! I suggest to run a 1” test square or even a mini version of your project prior to diving into the whole thing. Be mindful that intricate details may not work well when cutting with mirror acrylic.

Lastly, enjoy your beautiful creation.


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