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Fallidays Fun with Acrylic Sheets

As the Fallidays approach, we’re seeing all of Santa’s elves (a.k.a. the maker community) gearing up for peak holiday season, where creativity knows no bounds - and neither does the demand for themed crafts! This makes the fall season a prime opportunity to showcase your artistry and boost sales. So, we created our Shine Bright & Hold Tight sale with a heartfelt intention to support and inspire makers, crafters, and artists in their journey to bring warmth and enchantment to the world. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in crafting, offering not only the best supplies but also an opportunity for you to thrive during this joyous time. Whether you're crafting holiday decor or creating memorable gifts, this sale is our way of celebrating your artistic spirit and helping you craft the magic of the season.

Top Tips for Peak Season

But first, as you gear up for this busy time, here are some strategic tips to prepare for the peak crafting season while taking full advantage of Cerulean Tides' Sh8ine Bright & Hold Tight sale:

1. Plan Your Inventory

Take stock of your crafting supplies and assess what you'll need for your holiday-themed creations. Cerulean Tides offers a wide range of acrylic sheets, perfect for holiday projects. Stock up now to ensure you have a steady supply to meet the anticipated demand.

2. Leverage Holiday Discounts

‘Tis the season for savings! Keep an eye for Cerulean Tides' sale, where you can grab fine & chunky glitter acrylic sheets, 3M sheets & rolls, All-Craft Multi Glue and stand-offs at discounted prices. Take advantage of this special offer before the Fallidays hit to reduce your production costs and increase your profit margins.

3. Explore New Product Ideas

Acrylic sheets can be used to create not only table decor but also ornaments, jewelry, and more. Offering a variety of items will attract a wider customer base.

4. Market Your Creations

Start promoting your creations well in advance. Utilize social media, craft fairs, and online marketplaces to showcase your unique, handcrafted items. Highlight the use of quality supplies you’ve used in order to help build trust and attract customers.

5. Collaborate with Cerulean Tides

We strongly believe in putting community first, and we love nothing more than showing off your beloved creations. By showcasing your finished craft projects using our high-quality crafting supplies, you can benefit from increased visibility and reach a broader audience. Share your product images, featuring our materials, with us, and let's co-promote your artistic creations.

6. Prepare for Bulk Orders

Be ready to fulfill bulk orders, especially if you sell to businesses or event planners. Cerulean Tides can assist with large quantities of acrylic sheets, ensuring you have the materials to meet these substantial demands.

DIY Fallidays Creations

As you gear up for peak season, ensuring you're well-stocked and ready to craft is just the beginning of the journey. Now, it's time to put your creative spirit to work. In the following tutorials, we'll guide you through the process of crafting fall and holiday-themed decorations using our high-quality acrylic sheets and mirrored acrylic.

Fallidays Table Decor

Creating fall table decor with acrylic sheets, name plates, and leaf cutouts is a fantastic way to add a touch of elegance to your holiday gatherings. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process step by step.


- Acrylic sheets in fall colors

- Laser cutter

Step 1: Design Your Name Plates and Leaf Cutouts

Start by creating your plate tag.

Step 2: Prepare Your Acrylic Sheets

Select acrylic sheets in fall colors that complement your table decor theme. Apply paper masking. Colors used in the above photo: Frosted Sunflower, Topaz luxe glitter, Fire Coral fine glitter, Frosted Black, Sunflower Pre-dyed Plywood.

Step 3: Laser Cutting

Place your acrylic sheet in your laser. Apply settings (e.g., power, speed, and focus) for cutting acrylic sheets. Double-check your designs' placement on the acrylic sheet to ensure they fit and align properly.

Step 4: Cutting Your Designs

Fire the laser! {read in Dr. Evil voice}

Step 5: Remove Masking

Once your machine has cooled down, carefully remove your material. Peel off the masking from both sides of the acrylic pieces. This is a satisfying step as you'll see your designs come to life.

OPTIONAL Step: Layered Designs

Apply 3M double-sided tape to one layer PRIOR to cutting. If you do not have 3M but have All-Craft Multi Glue, this step will be after cutting. Carefully stick the name plates to the front of your acrylic sheets. Ensure they are centered and aligned correctly. If using glue, only a small amount is required. Once y6our have placed a few drops of glue on the back of the top layer, ensure it is lined up properly and apply pressure for approx. 15-30 seconds.

Now that your fall table decor is ready, arrange them on your table as elegant place settings or a warm tablescape.

3D Christmas Trees

Creating 3D Christmas trees and holiday scenes with acrylic sheets is a wonderful way to infuse your home with holiday cheer.


- Acrylic sheets in color(s) of your choice

- A laser cutter

- Small LED tea lights (optional for scene illumination).

Step 1: Design Your Trees and Holiday Scene

Start by creating or purchasing designs for your Christmas trees or snowflakes

Step 2: Prepare Your Acrylic Sheets

Choose the color(s) of your choice. Apply paper masking to both sides. As shown in the picture above, Gold shimmer was used.

Step 3: Laser Cutting

Place the acrylic sheet on the laser bed. Load your design into your laser cutter software. Adjust settings based on material used.

Step 4: Assembling the Trees and Scene

Once your acrylic pieces are cut, carefully remove the masking from both sides to reveal the clean surfaces. Assemble the trees by sliding the corresponding halves together. Create multiple trees of varying sizes. Arrange your holiday scene elements, like snowflakes, reindeer, or stars, to create a festive tableau.

OPTIONAL: Add Illumination

For an extra magical touch, you can place small LED tea lights beneath your acrylic scene elements. The warm glow will bring your holiday scene to life.

Arrange your mini 3D Christmas trees and holiday scene on a tabletop, mantel, or a tiered tray. These acrylic creations will add a touch of enchantment to your festive decor.

Holiday Ornament

Creating an ornament with mirrored acrylic is a creative and eye-catching holiday decoration.


- Laser cutter

- Decorative ribbon

Step 1: Design and Cut Your Ornaments

Start by designing your ornaments. These can include classic holiday shapes or layererd designs.

Step 2: Prepare Your Acrylic Sheets

Choose various colored acrylic sheets for making the ornaments. Apply paper masking if necessary. Materials used in the project above: Milky White, Clear & Gold Mirror

Step 3: Laser Cutting

Place the acrylic on the laser cutter bed. Load the designs into the laser software. Adjust settings as per materials being used and initiate the cutting process.

Step 4: Assemble the Ornaments

Once ornaments are cut and masking removed, it is time to assemble the layered ornaments. Using the All-Craft Multi Glue, apply a small amount to the backside of the middle layer. Press firmly for 15-30 seconds onto the front side of the back layer. Once dried, apply a small amount to the backside of the front layer. Press firmly for 15-30 seconds.

Step 5: Finishing Accessories

Now that your layers are attached and glue has dried, it is time to add in the decorative ribbon.

Hang your mirrored acrylic ornament decoration on a wall, in a window, or use it on your Christmas tree.

We hope the tips shared on how to prepare for the peak season, along with our exclusive Fallidays Sale, will empower you to make the most of this festive time. This Fallidays season is your time to shine, to create, and to celebrate the joy of crafting. We look forward to seeing the beauty you bring to life with our materials, and we wish you a Fallidays season filled with wonder, laughter, and artistic inspiration.

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