Standard Variety Acrylic Pack (1/8")

Includes 23 pieces: 

	clear (0-T)
	green-edge (7E-T)
	transparent deep-blue (2-T)
	transparent deep red (18-T)
	fluorescent red (18-F)
	fluorescent orange (15-F)
	fluorescent yellow (25-F)
	fluorescent green (7-F)
	fluorescent blue (2-F)
	red (18-L)
	orange (15-L)
	yellow (25-L)
	green (7-L) choose "A" (more translucent) or "B" (less translucent/almost opaque)
	teal/turquoise (2-AL)
	sky blue (2-BL)
	sea blue (2-CL)
	deep blue (2-DL)
	violet/purple (22-L)
	pink (175-L)
	ivory (9-L)
	white (23-L)
	gray (115-O)
	black (12-O)

	All 1/8" sheets measure ~12" x 19.2" and are pre paper-masked cast acrylic.
	Shipping is included in the price.

**For a custom order, please contact us**
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