• Zip folder incudes two PDF files.
  • Use with material thicknesses as desribed in the instructions.
  • For personal use to make physical products or commercial use to make and sell physical products.
  • This digital file should not be shared/sold in any way.
  • There is no physical item included with this purchase. You will be able to download the zip folder after completing your purchase.
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MOM Beach Scene Digital File (zipped PDF)

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  • Instructions:

    1. **Cut frame backing and frame edge. **Score the four corner lines on the frame edge. 
    Example uses 1/4” frosted black acrylic for the frame. Tip: cut a piece of 3M adhesive ~the size of your frame backing so you can lay down all of the pieces in Steps 2-7 directly onto the material in one clean and easy step.
    2. **Cut the “sand” and **engrave the text/heart. Example uses 1/8” maple plywood.

    3. **Cut the first wave (closet to shore). Example uses 1/8” turqouise acrylic.

    4. **Cut the second (middle) wave. Example uses 1/8” sea blue acrylic.

    5. **Cut the third wave (closet to sky). Example uses 1/8” deep blue acrylic.

    6. **Cut the sky (with only the *M* cutouts and/or with both the *M and sun* cutouts ...your preference)
    Example uses 1/8” sky blue acrylic.

    Optional: **Cut the sky with the *M and sun* cutouts to align your pieces if you are adhering the 
    sun on top of the sky layer. **You can use any “scrap” material like MDF if using only for a guide.

    7. **Cut the M’s. Example uses 1/4” white acrylic.
    8. **Cut the sun center. Example uses 1/8” amber mirror acrylic.  

    9. **Cut the sun rays. Example uses 1/8” yellow mirror acrylic

    10. **Cut the crab. Example uses 1/8” red acrylic and it is glued in the bottom right area of the “sand”. 
    Tip: Cut the rectangle around  it first if you’re planning on using 3M adhesive sheets for this piece.

    11. **Cut the smoother palm tree outline. Example uses 1/8” green acrylic and it is glued to the left and right
    edges of the frame.

    12. **Cut the more pointed palm trees outline. Example uses 1/8”  frosted lime acrylic and it is adhered on top of
    each of the smoother palm tree outlines from step 10. 
    Tip: Cut the rectangle around them first if you’re planning on using 3M adhesive sheets for this piece.


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