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*If you are adding multiple gift certificates to your order, please be sure to add them to your cart one at a time with the appropriate information attached to each one.


1. Choose your gift card amount from options.

2. Enter your gift card message for the recipient (optional).

3. Enter the correct name and email address for where the gift card is being sent (required).

4. Check out with your order.

5. Purchaser (you) will receive a confirmation email once the email has been sent (order fulfilled).

6. Recipient will receive the gift certificate e-mail with the digital code and instructions for how to redeem.


*Gift card codes will not expire, but can only be used once (and must be used all at once)*

Digital Gift Certificate

Gift Card Amount
  • Gift Certificates are final sale and cannot be exchanged/refunded. A gift certificate will be redeemable by a unique code. This code is valid for one use when entered in the appropriate field during checkout. The gift certificate must be greater than or equal to the sub-total (so the amount must be used all at once).

    For example, if a $10 gift certificate is purchased, the $10 gift certificate code will be valid for an order with a sub-total of $10 or greater.

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